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Premier Jewish Education in Staten Island: Inspiring and Preparing Our Children for Life

Why Little Star?

State of the art facility

Designed with your child’s safety and well-being in mind, we are licensed by the NYC Department of Health. Our educator-designed facilities feature different centers which engage the whole child.

Experienced Teachers

Our teachers meet the requirements of the NYCDOH. They are warm, caring, experienced and capable of bringing each child to his or her full potential.

Superior Education

In addition the New York State core curriculum, the children’s minds are stimulated by other fascinating topics such as current events and nature. Trips and special presentations add to our children’s understanding of the world around them.

Jewish Heritage

Your child will receive an extensive Jewish education, by trained educators, learning the Hebrew alphabet and gaining an appreciation of our Jewish heritage.

Jewish Education in Staten Island

Nurturing our Children

Little Star Preschool provides a safe, positive, encouraging environment where your Little Star will flourish. Our experienced teachers integrate the most advanced educational techniques to provide a learning environment in which children glean life skills that lead to independence, social agility, and success through perseverance.

Our students leave Little Star as knowledgeable, independent, and well-balanced children ready to light up their corner of the world.

“Little Star preschool is an asset to our community and, as it's my daughter's first year, I am looking forward to having her attend this school as long as possible. We are happy to know that she is learning about her heritage and culture in a family loving environment.”

“It has been an absolute pleasure to send my three children to the Little Star Program. The staff at Little Star has taught with strength, value, dedication and knowledge in all areas of study. We enjoy watching our children grow exponentially beyond their years.”

Our teachers bring out the potential of each individual child, nourishing his/her emotional, social, educational, and spiritual needs.


Premier Education for Our Students

Little Star provides a premier secular and Jewish education in Staten Island by encouraging play-based learning and providing a curriculum that is based on the NY Common Core, all in a warm, friendly, nurturing environment that instills Jewish values and emphasizes our shared heritage.