Welcome to Staten Island's Little Star Preschool

Little Star's high quality education prepares our children for life, encouraging them to achieve their dreams, inspiring them to continually improve their skills, and fostering a love of Jewish heritage. Close relationships are forged between our children, our parents, our community and our educators which lead to our success as a school. Our outstanding team of educators use their early childhood training and experience to create the ideal environment for our Little Stars to grow.

Center-based Education

Little Star provides a premier secular and Jewish education in Staten Island. Our facility features the following centers: a learning center to encourage the mind, a play center to encourage age appropriate social interaction, a reading center to explore the world through stories, an arts & crafts center to encourage artististic expression, while developing fine motor skills, a movement center to engender expression through dance and exercise and a computer center, to reinforce learning. In addition, a well-equipped outdoor play area allows the children to physically express themselves in a safe environment, weather permitting.

Our students leave Little Star as knowledgeable, independent, and well-balanced children.

We bring out the potential of each individual child, socially, educationally, and spiritually.