Welcome to Staten Island's Little Star Preschool

Little Star's high quality education prepares our children for life, encouraging them to achieve their dreams, inspiring them to continually improve their skills, and fostering a love of Jewish heritage. Close relationships are forged between our children, our parents, our community and our educators which lead to our success as a school. Our outstanding team of educators use their early childhood training and experience to create the ideal environment for our Little Stars to grow.

Center-based Education

Little Star provides a premier secular and Jewish education in Staten Island. Our facility features the following centers: a learning center to encourage the mind, a play center to encourage age appropriate social interaction, a reading center to explore the world through stories, an arts & crafts center to encourage artististic expression, while developing fine motor skills, a movement center to engender expression through dance and exercise and a computer center, to reinforce learning. In addition, a well-equipped outdoor play area allows the children to physically express themselves in a safe environment, weather permitting.

Our students leave Little Star as knowledgeable, independent, and well-balanced children.

We bring out the potential of each individual child, socially, educationally, and spiritually.

Our Staff

Aliza Perles, Administrative Director

Born and raised on Staten Island in a family of educators, Aliza has strong ties to the community and to the profession of education. Aliza joined Oorah in 2006 and has connected with the organization as much as she has with the children and families Oorah helps.

Aliza's compassion, intellect, and fun energy made it easy for her to take on new roles such as Head Counselor of Oorah’s TheZone Camp and the founder and leader of Staten Island Girls ChillZone.

Prior to coming to Little Star, Aliza taught for five years at the Rabbi Jacob Joseph Girls School in Staten Island. She started as a Pre-1A assistant and was asked to take over as the upper grades teacher for several subjects. Aliza was and continues to be admired by her peers and former students.

Sori Stern, Kindergarten

Sori comes to Oorah's Little Star preschool with a wealth of preschool experience working in Yeshivah of Flatbush. It is easy to see that she loves working with children, as her biggest joy is seeing a child progress throughout each school year.

She has been part of Oorah's The Zone for the last four summers as the Division head for the Juniors, the youngest division. She is also involved in many events and activities throughout the year such as the annual Chanukah concert and the weekly ChilZone.

Leah Bracha Biderman, Nursery / Pre-Nursery

Leah Bracha is a graduate of Machon Bais Yaakov in Brooklyn and a prestigious teachers’ seminary in Israel. She has been involved in Oorah's programs for many years, serving as a leader in the Staten Island ChillZone and as a counselor and the Program Coordinator at TheZone Camp.

Leah Bracha joins our team with extensive experience working with preschoolers, having run preschool programs at day camps in Pennsylvania and Connecticut.

Leigh Subarri, Pre-K

After seven years of being a head teacher at Yeshivah of Flatbush, Leigh comes to Little Star with a wealth of experience. An expert at encouraging children to explore the world around them, Leigh enjoys observing her students develop self-confidence and a positive self-image. With a Master’s degree from Brooklyn College and a Bachelor’s degree from Temple University, both in Early Childhood Education, Leigh is a welcome addition to the Little Star staff.

Sara Fruma Goldberg, Pre-Nursery

Sara Fruma’s wealth of pre-school experience gives her the ability to develop an excellent rapport with her students and their parents. She has been in the pre-school classroom for over ten years, as well as led day camp groups for over fifteen years. We are fortunate that she has joined the Little Star staff.

Chava Pfeiffer, Nursery

Chava, originally from Monsey, New York, is a graduate of Bais Yaakov of Monsey and Hadar Seminary. She lived in Israel for 5 years and gained loads of experience being an assistant teacher for 2 year olds and PreK. Chava enjoys teaching and loves the children as her own. Living across the street from Little Star gives her the unique opportunity to feel like a part of the Oorah family.