Frequently Asked Questions

Children at Little Star must be 2, 3, 4, or 5 years of age and have all necessary vaccinations.
Drop off is between 8:30-9:00 am and pick up is at 3:30 pm. Additional supervised hours may be available upon request.
Each class has the following activities: learning centers, Judaic studies, letter of the week, circle time, story time, free play, dramatic play, art, aerobics, and other special activities. During the afternoon rest period your child will have a chance to refresh with either a nap or quiet time. Daily schedules will vary.
Lunches, along with snacks and drinks, will be served without any additional charge! Little Star is just as concerned with your child’s health as you are, which is why our lunches will not only be delicious, but also nutritious.
Our Parent Connection Program offers several events throughout the year for parents’ participation. Each child will be sent home with a newsletter at the end of each week that will include an overview of their studies, tidbits, and announcements. Follow us on Facebook for pictures.
Just take one look at his/her smiling face: the joy will be all the proof that you need!